In the heart of the French Alps, Méribel is gearing up to host two major sporting events: the French Nordic Ski Championship and the 3 Vallées Enduro. Hotel Le Tremplin, nestled in the heart of this iconic resort, opens its doors to you for a unique experience, combining Nordic elegance and off-road adrenaline. Discover how our establishment becomes the ideal starting point to intensely experience these two major sporting moments.


French Nordic Ski Championship: Grace on the Slopes

Méribel transforms into a competitive arena with the prestigious French Nordic Ski Championship. The most talented athletes will compete in captivating events, while spectators will have the opportunity to witness the elegance of this winter sport. At Hotel Le Tremplin, soak up this snowy atmosphere and experience the excitement of high-level sports performances, all just steps away from the slopes.


3 Vallées Enduro: Off-Road Adrenaline

For off-road adventure enthusiasts, the 3 Vallées Enduro promises thrilling sensations. Méribel becomes the playground for this enduro competition where speed, technique, and mastery are key. Participants will descend rugged trails and dizzying descents, providing a thrilling spectacle. Hotel Le Tremplin positions itself as the ideal place to recharge after a day full of adrenaline, with wellness facilities and a soothing environment.

Méribel pulses with the rhythm of sports through the French Nordic Ski Championship and the 3 Vallées Enduro. At Hotel Le Tremplin, we invite you to live this unique period by combining the elegance of Nordic competitions with the adrenaline of off-road races. Whether you're a skiing enthusiast or an adventure lover, our establishment offers you an oasis of comfort in the heart of the action. Book now and dive into the sporting excitement of Méribel!


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3 Vallées Enduro

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