Nestled in the heart of the French Alps, the Aéro-club de Méribel offers a unique experience for aviation enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Combine the joy of flying with the spectacular backdrop of snow-covered mountains.

A Breathtaking Setting

The Aéro-club de Méribel stands out for its exceptional location. Situated at an altitude that guarantees panoramic views of the alpine peaks, it offers visitors unforgettable moments, whether at the controls of an aircraft or as a passenger. Activities include flight training, first flights, and scenic tours, giving everyone the chance to discover the Alps from a completely different perspective.

Offers for All Levels

Whether you are an experienced pilot or a beginner, the Aéro-club de Méribel welcomes all skill levels. Qualified instructors are available to guide novices through the basics of piloting, while more seasoned pilots can enjoy aircraft rentals to explore the region at their own pace. The emphasis is on safety and the joy of flying, ensuring an experience that is both secure and exhilarating!

A Unique Connection with Nature

Beyond aviation, the club is a meeting place for those who appreciate the beauty of the alpine nature. Flights offer breathtaking views of stunning landscapes, from lush valleys to snowy peaks, making each aerial outing a true visual adventure.


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